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We feel it is important to stay apprised of our clients’ current benefit needs in order to ensure that we are continually providing timely and effective benefit solutions.

Identity Theft is now the fastest growing crime in America, and the number one consumer complaint according to the Federal Trade Commission. Even when there is no monetary loss, good credit is ruined, loans can be denied and warrants for arrest can be issued. It is normal for this crime to have an emotional impact on the victims and their families. The consequences are staggering.

In response, USI Kibble & Prentice has partnered with a national leader in identify theft recovery services. Their specially-trained advocates untangle the red tape of identity recovery by handling the often frustrating and time-consuming work for you.

This service coordinates all recovery efforts and works to restore your credit and overall identity well-being, including paperwork, creditors, credit agencies, and the Federal Trade Commission. Click here for more information or to obtain coverage.


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